Women’s History Month : 1st -31st March

Empowering women and acknowledging the daily struggles they have had to face and still do is an important part of society. March every year is women’s history month. This specific time is for people to learn and shine light upon the amazing women that have got us to where we are today. Yes, women have made it a long way but there are still many steps that need to be accomplished before total equality of the sexes is achieved. The theme this year is “Visionary women: Champions of peace and non-violence”. This certain theme is to honour the women who have led efforts to end violence, injustice, and also the start of nonviolence to help change society.

Violence is seen around the world and in substantial numbers. Abuse and violence comes in many different forms, but some of them are still not acknowledged or recognised by everybody:

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Psychological
  • Emotional
  • Verbal

Women’s history month has been apart of our diary’s since 1987 but unfortunately it is not one that many seem to remember or even know exists. Since the first ever women’s history month, many celebrity’s, schools, organisations and charity’s have made it their mission to ensure that women’s participation to society, economy and politics is recognised and remembered. This particular celebration is an extension of International Women’s Day which is on the 8th March. One day just isn’t enough to celebrate the many strong and courageous women throughout history and also the ones who are making change today.


65% copy 2Infographic by Emily Boorman


In London there is always something going on and there is no better place to go if you want to celebrate women:

  • Tonight Josephine’ – This is a basement cocktail bar located in Shoreditch as well as Waterloo. It’s quirky name and philosophy comes from Josephine De Beauharnais. She was a woman within history who was not scared to break the rules. She climbed her way up the social ladder and eventually became Empress of France. She spent her time making her own rules, throwing amazing parties and not caring what other people thought. This particular neon, soaked in glitter bar is to show that well behaved women do not make history and that cocktails are forever.


  • ‘Velvet Underground’ – Why not get a tattoo to mark this wonderful occasion. The Velvet Underground is the first tattoo parlour to only employ women tattooist, but don’t worry they tattoo both men and women. The tattoo industry is seen as a largely male dominated industry, so the Velvet Underground wanted to created a space that allows female collaborations and communication to be the forefront of its business.


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