Body found in search for Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison

Police Scotland have said they have found a body in the search for Scottish musician Scott Hutchison.

Hutchison, 36, went missing in on Wednesday in South Queensferry, near Edinburgh. Police said they had found a body on Thursday night at Port Edgar, and that his family had been informed, although it is yet to be formally identified.

His band, Frightened Rabbit, had been scheduled to play in London at Robert Smith’s Meltdown festival next month.

The frontman had taken to Twitter shortly before he was reported missing. “Be so good to everyone you love. It’s not a given.” He posted, before continuing, “I’m away now. Thanks.”

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Throughout his career he had been vocal about his struggles with depression. In what has been his final interview with Noisey he discussed suicide and especially the song Floating in the Forth, (which includes the line; “Am I ready to leap, is there peace beneath, the roar of the Forth Road Bridge?”). He said he found the song difficult to relearn for a recent anniversary tour of 2008’s The Midnight Organ Fight but said “It’s heartening to know that I’ve been through that, and I’m stood there performing that song, alive and feeling good about it.”

Frightened Rabbit, which also featured Scott’s brother Grant on drums, are regarded as one of Scotland’s most influential indie bands, with a 15-year long career.

Hutchison’s frank and open lyricism had formed a loyal, connected fanbase. In one past interview he said he had heard from a fan who said “Floating In The Forth had helped her recovery in the aftermath of her failed suicide attempt” and a couple “who had one of my lyrics engraved inside their wedding rings.” He said “these are the things that make this worth it.”

Some one also posted a letter that he wrote to a fan who had been struggling with depression.

As Frightened Rabbit expanded to a five-piece, they also worked with The National’s Aaron Dessner on 2016’s Painting of a Panic Attack. The album became the second of their discography to make the UK Top 20.

This year Hutchison had also released work with Mastersystem, a supergroup with members of Editors and Minor Victories.

Scottish musician KT Tunstall wrote: “Much love to Scott Hutchison’s family, friends, bandmates in @FRabbits and fans. Very sad news.

“As a society, I hope we learn how to provide far more for those suffering mental health issues. Any one of us could need that support at any time”

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