Did the Windrush scandal affect voters choice?

Newly-appointed Home Secretary Sajid Javid revealed on Wednesday that a dedicated taskforce has received more than 7,000 calls, of which 3,000 have been identified as potential Windrush cases.

Javid told MPs, these numbers are “increasing by the day.” So far more than 700 appointments have been scheduled and more than 100 people have had their case processed and now have been issued the documents they need.

While, work is now being done to help those affected tensions have risen.

Labour had tried to use parliamentary procedure, known as “motion to return” to force the government to release documentation, which they said would reveal how much ministers knew about the problems facing the Windrush generation.

However,  it was announced on Wednesday that the Conservatives have blocked all attempts that compel the government to release the Windrush papers.

Many have turned to social media to raise their concerns and disappointment in the Government and their choices.

MP John McDonnell shared his thoughts on Theresa May’s and the parties decision to vote against the release of the Windrush documents:

So, has the scandal affected voters choice? While parties have failed to make decisive gains. One thing is clear. There’s a proportion of Labour voters who made their choice based on the fact that they didn’t  agree with the Tories position in the Windrush scandal.

Featured image by Ian Berry/Magnum Photos.

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