Karena Evans

Cover picture: Imbd

As good as lyrics of a song can be, the best thing is sometimes the music video bringing them to life. It is an added value and huge part of our consumption of music, art and in general entertainment, possibly one of the reasons why we spend so many hours on Youtube.

As if we could not love more Drake, he is now due to promote his new album and decided to release “Nice for What” as anticipation and the best feature about it is the music video woman director.
We are pleased to introduce you to Karena Evans, who at only 22 is the most sought-after video director in the music industry.
She is a triple threat. Started as an intern at DirectorX, Karena is a talented director, writer and actress and has previously collaborated with Nike and another Drakes’ hit, “God’s Plan”.

Since “Nice for What” has been release on Saturday morning,it has accumulated already over eight million views, and we know the brilliance of the video is due to the fact that the multifaceted Karena has wisely chosen some of the most beautiful  women to star in the video, from top model Jourdan Dunn, to Issa Rae, Rashida Jones and many others.
The women in the video are not being sexualised or idealised, as it often happens, but are shown in their true independent, inspiring nature.




Listen down below to find out more about Karena!

The reactions to the “Nice for What” video have been epic online from Taylyn Washington-Harmon, social media editor at Selfmagazine, to Drake’s fans and women appreciating the impact the song will have on women celebration.



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By the look of it, we expect big things from Mrs. Evans and we hope to see her involved with the up and coming artists of the moment SZA, Cardi B and why not the Pop queen Beyoncé!


Music Credit
Drake-Nice for What (2018)

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