Learn how to make a living out of your darkest moments


Cover picture:Pixabay

Malachi is a qualified personal trainer, speaks three languages and is always willing to help.
What most people don’t know is his past experience. Life inside has given him the chance to become who he is today.
We had a chat in the peacefulness of a park, that for him represents freedom, and he revealed a few things about him, growing up in different continents and his goals.

Far from the camera lenses, Malachi admits his clients are his pride. When he can help somebody living a healthier lifestyle and feeling confident in their own body, he feels he is on the right path.
He believes he still has a long way to go in life before he can feel successful and complete and he claims he wants to transfer his motivational skills from the gym to in and outside the jail environment. He wish to become one day a life coach, to inspire people do great in life, achieve realistic goals, but above all encourage teenagers to be engaged in studies or work, avoiding them being involved with gangs crime and drugs selling.

Listen to him sharing thoughts about his story and advising the youngsters.

Federica Riondino

Music Credit
First Day Out Tha Feds-Gucci Mane
(Everybody Looking-2016)


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