Post-Brexit recruitment: should I stay or should I go?

There is a sharp decline in interest of EU graduates looking for jobs in the UK after referendum: the number falls by 18% according to Linkedln data.

Oversea graduates are concerned about Brexit’s effect on themselves. They believe they will enter a job market that’s more challenging than they might have expected in the UK. As a result,  a research from Korn Ferry Hay Group shows that almost a quarter of them have changed their career plan.

Three quarters of respondents in a poll from WikiJob believe their job prospects have become worse and 34% of EU participants are now less likely to look for work in the UK.


Infographic: WikiJob


Infographic: WikiJob

The biggest problem for those young graduates is uncertainty. Ben, who is studying at the University of Southampton, said: “I don’t know what my job’s going to be like over the next ten years because the people who are leading Brexit have no idea.”

Brexit does not only affect young graduates but also worries British companies themselves.

According to a report from Department for Education, more than half of graduates and over 70% postgraduates go for high skilled employment in the UK. Due to the Brexit fear and possible lack of trained EU graduates, UK’s shortage in some high skilled talent can really affect local market.


Infographic: Asya Gadzheva

Facing a skills gap emerging, especially for those industries with high requirement on employees’ intelligence, “They will need to foster a culture of entrepreneurialism and technological innovation and open their doors to a generation of young and tech-savvy professionals,” says Noeleen Cowley, Banking Partner at KPMG.

It is predictable that the lose of brainpower due to Brexit can slow down development in a wide range of disciplines.

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