With more students this time, Labour lost, again!

Unlike being most people’s favourite in UK, Theresa May is continuing to be the least popular party leader for students. On the opposite, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour seems to remain strong among those young voters. Although a huge increase has been observed for student voter registration, Labour still lost, and even worse this time.

Labour has already been the most popular party among students for the last three elections. The proportion has actually more than doubled since that: there are 55% of students who plan to vote say they would cote for Labour Party in “a General Election held tomorrow”, which was 23% in April 2005.


A YouthSight pre-election poll shows a considerable support for the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn from young students, however, at the same time, distrust of the leadership to abolish tuition fees. Actually half of them believe Labour would not bring back grants because they have broken promise once.

According to the latest update today, Labour loses every seat they have in the night before. But some still believe Labour may have a turning point at some time in general election.

For those who want to make a difference in general election: your permanent home address and a term-time address can both be lawfully registered. Maybe you can check polls for support in each region and go for hopeful ones. If you are registered to vote in two different electoral areas, you are eligible to vote in local elections for two different local councils. Remember you cannot vote twice-this offence can leave you with a fine of up to £5,000.

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