Travelling in London will cost you an arm and a leg – literally

Living in one of the most expensive places in the world truly has its downsides. London has been named as number one in the world for highest travel costs. Coming in first in a new survey, travel cards have been named the most expensive in the world right after Dublin as second.

In a comparison of 45 countries, London was found to have an average cost of £135 per month according to a Deutsche Bank report. This is 50% more expensive than New York City.

With exorbitant prices and congestion found on all forms of London travel, especially during rush hour, this is becoming an issue for commuters. More and more people are spending money on travel every month, especially students. With discounted offers for University students, the average prices still range from £80-110 per month, making students fed up with their piling costs with tuition fees and student debt.

Earlier last year, Mayor Sadiq Khan had promised to scrape travel costs for Londoners as one of his biggest promises. There also have been promises for flatter fares by 2025 by the TFL, as well as having a one ticket policy for all forms of travel.

London’s taxis fared slightly better, ranked 20th in a list of 47 cities, with Zurich topping the list for the most expensive fares.

But at what cost is this the most expensive? Is it because London is the biggest network of rail, tube and bus in Europe or is it because of rising prices?

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