Paper to plastic


Out with the old, in with the new

Source: Aol.

The paper five pound note is set to be cut off circulation by the end of today.

It is estimated that around 165million paper notes are still in circulation. Some shops in local areas are still accepting the old paper notes but only for a short while.

Betting shops and local pubs have already exchanged the old paper five notes and will no longer be accepting the note.

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A shop owner in Harrow on the hill is still willing to take the old five pound note: “I will still accept it because I know that people will not have the new five pound note. After a short while, I will no longer accept it.” says Rajesh, local newsagent owner.

The Bank of England has said they are willing to exchange the note in return for a new, if local shops are not willing to accept the old one.


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