University of Westminster introduces new module on Brexit

University of Westminster student will be able to sign up for a new module explaining Brexit starting next year. The module is part of the Westminster elective plus – credit-bearing modules designed to enhance the students’ professional skills, and it will be taught by EU leading scholars across the university.

 Understanding Brexit: Complex challenges, new opportunities, as the module is called, will answers question such as ‘What is Brexit?’ and ‘How will it transform Britain’s outlook with Europe and the rest of the world?’ It seeks to familiarise students from all faculties with Britain’s entangled history with the EU while exploring the historical, legal, political, cultural and social dynamics of Brexit.

However, the University of Westminster students do not seem very excited about this new module.

‘To be honest, I don’t know why you need it. Brexit it’s going to last for two years; it is going to go a bit wrong and overtime it’s going to get better.’ said one student.

‘I don’t think we know enough about Brexit and its politics right now for us to teach it to anybody. I’m confused’, said another student.

Learn more about the new module watching the video below.

This video doesn’t exist



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