How to make the perfect burger

Burgers. Often they are just put under the label of fast food. However, there is a huge amount of craftsmanship which goes into making a good burger. But the question is, what makes a perfect one?

The answer is simple, kind of, but the truth is often shadowed by the fact that almost every chef has their own way of constructing the patty, the bun and the topping. But one of the key features which is often ignores is the lean to fat ratio. There should always be at least 20% fat to 80% lean when it comes to the meat, the fat content means that a juicier burger will be a lot easier to achieve.

Another key concept to remember is that when cooking burgers, its important  to use a hefty cast-iron griddle pan. This allows the meat to be infused with the fat collected in the griddle. Mr Motz, filmmaker of Hamburger America once stated, “A great burger should be like a baked potato, or sashimi. It should taste completely of itself.”

There are also so many burgers out there right now that people feel that they have to do so much to something which should be so simple. From Jamie Oliver to Nigella Lawson  everyone seems to claim to have the recipe for the ‘ultimate’ burger which contains an array of different flavours, but the key to success seems to be to just keep it simple.

But how did the burger get so big? The first burger joint opened in Kansas in 1921 and if we fast-forward nine years, the first Wimpy was created. This led to McDonald’s where the first drive-thru was founded; 11 years on from that there were over 100 McDonalds spanning across America. Now they seem to cover every corner of the globe. The popularity of the burger has meant that so much research has gone into creating the perfect one and it all revolves around the idea of cooking simple ingredients with simple cooking methods.




To find more essential information on the perfect burger, watch the video below.

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