Getting stuck in a Bare Trap

Bare Traps have been played on Radio x, radio 6 music and BBC Introducing all over the country. They are the new up and coming indie band that you never thought you needed.


Bare Traps

As their publicity is growing, so is their fan base. With over 1000 likes on their Facebook page and almost 1000 monthly listeners’ on Spotify, they are truly on their way.

The band originally started at the University of Westminster, where they were all music students. But after the first year the bassist and lead singer left and were replaced. Then, in late 2016 the original band mates came back together to reform Bare Traps. And the fans are excited about it.

The band are currently gigging around London, and if luck goes their way they will be performing at The Isle of Wight Festival. If you want to see them live and show the band support you can watch them play at Hoxton Underbelly on Tuesday 04/04/17.

And if you can’t manage to make it here is a small compilation of what they sound like live.

I managed to grab the band before they performed at their latest gig for a quick interview which you can check out below.

The band are extremely excited for their new single All in you, which will also be released as a video, it’s the first video the band have made and it looked like they had a great time.

The music video is due for release next week which the boys can’t wait for. You can keep up to date with Bare Traps on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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