Fighting back against Trump

toOver the last two months is seems that the U.S has fallen into a stream of chaos consisting of Trump signing executive orders, and causing protests of the people fighting against these actions, and for their rights.

The Fear of losing American Rights

Even though Trump has not broken records of the amount of executive orders or presidential memos signed, he has had more resistance for his actions as people continue to fight for the freedom of choice.

The fear of having a dictator rather than a president, and losing rights has caused people to fight back. In only a few months Tump has signed 12 executive orders, and 12 presidential memos.

What is an Executive Order and Presidential Memo?

By definition an executive order is  presidential policy directive that implements or interprets a federal statute, a constitutional provision, or a treaty. While a presidential memoranda is a type of executive action issued by the President of the United States to manage and govern the actions, practices, and policies of the various departments and agencies found under the executive branch of the United States government.

In reality a presidential memoranda is less regulated, and not required to be public executive order. Memos also don’t have as many regulations and orders, such as the president isn’t required to explain why his memo is constitutional as an executive order. Meaning the more official sounding executive order shouldn’t attract more attention because memos can cause just as much harm or good when signed.

The most obvious and most rejected orders that Trump has tried to pass was his defunding of Planned Parenthood and The Muslim Ban and most recently the revoking of Transgender Bathrooms.

Women’s Right to choose:

Womens_March_DC_240.jpg Photo provided by

The Women’s March was said  to be the largest in history. Women protested against the defunding of Planned Parenthood which was under the reinstatement of The Mexico City” Policy.

Planned Parenthood has never been about purely abortion, it allows women the security of choice. “Today, Planned Parenthood is a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world. Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people”

While the defunding takes away not only the education that was provided by this organization but also the safety of a this practice, from people that may have nowhere to turn.

Immigration Policy:

The day the travel ban was signed, caused immediate reaction for border control as airports were flooded with people that were no longer allowed to enter the country.

Protests and lawful actions were taken and showed that the people of the United States have power, and are not required to sit and watch while Trump dictates the next four years. A unanimous vote of judges that blocked the Executive Order banning people coming from the seven majority muslim countries from entering the U.S.

These judges justified their decision by addressing the unconstitutional nature of the order, as freedom of religion is something the Nation was built on and clearly in the constitution. While the Muslim Ban and the Immigration Policy are different they go hand in hand. Trump signed to actively seek out criminal offender that may be undocumented and arrest and deport them.

As the criminal aspect of the order was not what concerned most citizens it’s the blowback and fear that they will actively seek out non offenders. Such as the Dreamers, which is a group of the younger generation brought into the States as young children who were given rights to work, etc.

immigrationreform-article.jpg Photo Provided by

Transgender Equality:

On February 22, Trump revoked the guidelines Obama had put in place to protect the transgender community in public schools to have access to the bathroom they identified with.

An action that shocked many as President Trump never expressed interest in revoking the order. In fact in November expressed he wouldn’t care if Caitlyn Jenner, the most famous transgender celebrity today,  used either bathroom in Trump Tower.  

Published on The Today’s Show, and retweet by Vox.

His action has caused protest as the Transgender community stood outside the White House to protest, and show they will not give up on their right of choice.

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