Muslim ban was just the beginning

Designate the Muslim Brotherhood and affiliates as terrorist groups it is the next step in Trump era.

Republican Ted Cruz introduced the muslin brotherhood terrorist designation Act bill in January, is in Congress waiting for approval.

In other terms, this bill is designed to make all the muslin political organization as terrorist organizations, from the US and worldwide. CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) Is one of the largest Muslin groups in the US since 1985 they never had connections to any kind of terrorist organization, but if this bill pass they get consider like a terrorist organization. Sussan Siavoshi a Political Science Professor chair her concerns with The Independent ” If CAIR, a civil society group, becomes designated as a terrorist organization, what are people options if they want to get involved in politics? Some may become inactive, but others may start underground violence or movement”

This is not the first time that this bill is going to the Congress to the Republican party, but it never pass, but this year with the Muslin ban and the fact the most of the congress is republican the possibility of this bill pass is too high.


This bill would just aggravate the anti-Muslim situation that is already happening in the United States, with the Muslin ban that rejects refugees from 7 Muslin countries.

This bill would not just affect the people but the relationship between the US and other countries, mostly in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates where the Americans have business if this business fails it can have a big effect at the American economic, as is most of them oil business.

On the course of the next weeks, we should have a decision from the Congress and know if the bill passed or not.

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