Arsenal fans need to be more like their rivals


Arsene Wenger has been under pressure from fans due to the recent loss to Chelsea FC at Stamford Bridge. The gunners lost 3-1 in their Premier League fixture.

The loss against Chelsea was their second consecutive defeat after their game against Watford at the Emirates where Watford scored two goals in the first ten minutes for Watford to take the lead.

Arsenal host Hull City this weekend which has now become a must win game if they are to finish in the top four and secure Champions League qualification and to regain their winning form.

In his recent press conference, Arsene Wenger has urged fans to be supportive and unite like many of their rivals including Tottenham Hotspur: “You have Tottenham, everyone is in the fight and everyone is behind their team. We have to do exactly the same, even if we had two disappointing results.” Quote from sky sports

The comment from the Arsenal manager has caused an uproar on social media, from active members of the ArsenalFanTV fan base on twitter.

Manchester United legend and pundit, Gary Neville: “I walked out of Chelsea’s ground yesterday and there were a couple of these Arsenal Fan TV cameras and it was embarrassing listening to it,” Neville said. “I was watching Arsenal fans slating him [Wenger] and I thought he doesn’t deserve that. He’s done an unbelievable job.” Source Telegraph

Gary Neville has confirmed on Social media that he is willing to appear on Arsenal Fan tv.

Wenger is in his last couple of months of his contract and he is able to sign a two-year extension at the end of the season, should he wish to continue managing Arsenal.

There have been rumours of current Athletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone and Massimiliano Allegri of Juventus are being considered as possible replacements for the Frenchman.

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