The curious case of the missing presidents

Earlier this week the BBC reported Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had not been seen for nearly 10 days.

The reasons behind the President’s disappearance have not yet been disclosed. But a lack of information has never stopped the rumor mill from churning out speculation — he’s got the flu, there might be a coup in the palace, maybe he’s off in Switzerland helping with the birth of his secret child.

Since the reports of Putin’s disappearance, the Kremlin has denied the previous allegations.

In honor of the controversy, we have decided to make a list of other presidents who have gone missing.


Hugo Chavez — Ex-President of Venezuela.



President Chavez was last seen in December of 2012 as he was boarding a plane that would take him to Cuba to receive cancer treatment. Some highly questionable pictures were printed in Cuban newspapers, but Chavez was not publicly seen after December. Until March of 2015, when his body was brought back to Venezuela for his wake.


Kim Jong-Un — Supreme Leader of North Korea.


The Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea had a six-week absence from the public eye in 2014. The official reason for his disappearance has not been released. However, South Korea’s spy agency believes to have cracked the mystery by stating that the leader had undergone surgery to remove a cyst from his ankle.


Michael Sata — Ex-President of Zambia.


The state of health of Zambia’s former president had been kept under lock and key, particularly during the time where the President was nowhere to be seen. in 2014, Al Jazeera reported that Sata had undergone medical procedures in New York which had been part of the reason for the disappearance of President Sata.


Xi Jinping — President of China.


When Xi Jinping was Vice-President of China, just as he was about to take over the presidency, he went missing for two weeks. There was a lot of speculation regarding his future plans to end corruption in the country. The reason for his disappearance has not yet been confirmed, but the Washington Post reported that a fight erupted during a heated meeting. Chairs were thrown and Jinping was caught in the middle of it, suffering an injury that would result in this two-week absence.

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