Taste of Russia

When mention about Russia, first thing come up to people’s mind would be the biggest country. But this is not what I am going to talk about today; I am going to talk about food in Russia. Although from the size of the country it might makes you think about Russia must got a lot of different type or different style of cuisines. Yet, the truth is due to the location of the country, most of places are freezing through the year and the limit variety of food produced locally also affect the numbers of cuisine they can have. However, Russians managed to use the limited amount of food to create their own authentic cuisine.


Generally speaking, Russians are mostly meat lovers, chicken, pork, beef and fish got their priorities, and somehow they eat less lamb and seafood. Normally, Russian’s meal are consists of three courses meal plus pastry, salad comes first, soup comes second and hot dish comes lastly.


If you are not familiar with Russian food, there are some famous dishes you have heard about it. Starting from salad, Russian cucumber & Radish salad, Olivier salad – which was name after the French Chef, M. Olivier who created it. One salad I want to highlight is Selyodka Pod Shuboy, because it requires quite a lot of ingredients, it is an ideal dish for sharing and the cooking method is not difficult. (recipe)


Speaking about soup, even though you never tasted it, I bet you definitely have heard about it- Borscht. The signature red colour of the soup had been reckon as the famous soup from all the Russian soups. The colour was from one ingredient inside the soup called beetroot. Borscht is cook with beef and beetroot. Once it’s been done, Russians would serve it with sour cream, dill sprigs and rye sourdough. Besides Borscht, Rassolnik is another famous beef involved soup that can represent traditional Russian cuisine.


Main course are always things worth to highlight or might involved the most difficult method of cooking it, as well as the Russian famous mains. Klotski is the potato dumplings in chicken broth (recipe). Golubtsy is a cabbage leaves wrapped ground beef mixed with boiled rice or buckwheat. (recipe)


The final for the meal in Russian is pastry, black bread or prioshiki- stuffed bread that could fill in different ingredients, like, roasted onions, cheese. If you never have had black bread before, you would possibly find it as hard as stone, even though, it always the Russians’ favourite. (recipe)


I know you would ask, does Russian drink Vodka, of course they did. That’s why you can found at least ten different brands of Vodka in supermarket. But they also make cocktail by using Vodka as a basic.


Russian Restaurant in London: Mari Vanna

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