Britain’s big chill, with love from Russia

As we edge closer to summer, the UK has been treated with temperatures of 18C and sunshine. However last week, an easterly breeze from Russia plunged the country back into its winter months, with temperatures dropping to 1C and snowfall in some areas.

The sharp change in weather was down to a high-pressure shift from southern Europe to Scandinavia, meaning a wind of polar air was sent our way. The Weather Office suggested that the anticipated cold conditions originated in Russia, leaving the UK with forecasts of a ‘raw chill’ in the east, and a ‘frost risk’ in the west.

This comes two weeks after Britain enjoyed its hottest weekend of the year so far, with highs of 18C as tropical air blew over from Bermuda and the Azores.

However, the U-turn in weather only lasted for 6 days; meaning we can return to daffodil picking, sunbathing in the park and all-things Spring.

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