Why You Should Visit Amsterdam In Your 20s

Amsterdam attracts visitors from all over the world for their liberal attitude and laid-back atmosphere. In comparison to larger cities like London, Amsterdam is small enough to walk or cycle around the core in a day. Roughly 740,000 locals inhabit its central area so as a tourist you can get a real feel for the city’s culture. Amsterdam while known for it’s beauty appeals to young people for it’s extensive nightlife. Amsterdam has many attractions to offer tourists, but some are best to experience while you’re in your 20s!

Stunning Views Featuring the Canals (think of your Instagrams!).
Amsterdam is effortlessly beautiful. Each neighbourhood has something different to offer. One of the most popular areas of course is Jordaan, which is home to many students and young professionals.

(Image From Geonice.com)

Home of The Heineken Beer
Yes that’s right, Heineken beer is not only an Amsterdam tradition but is brewed right in the city! You can visit the historic brewery, The Heineken Experience, tour the facilities and taste some Heineken beer.

(Image From Heineken.com)

Legendary Nightlife
Of course Amsterdam is known for it’s coffee shops and Red Light District, but also for their clubs which feature some of the best DJs from around the world playing a variety of music styles. Clubs settings are tremendously unique, sometimes taking place in old churches, upper floors of office buildings, old factories, and old schools. Most venues are open Thursday – Saturday, but there’s always something to do regardless of the day. Some of the most popular venues to check out include: Club Up, Jimmy Woo, Trouw, and Studio 80.

V C DanceClubs Desire van den Berg
(Image From iAmsterdam.com)
*The drinking age is 18 so you’ll have no problem entering these venues.
Unless you’ve had too much to drink…

The Nine Streets Shopping Area
This part of the city center is very popular among shoppers on a search for unique products and gifts. Amsterdam is a very trendy city where locals are constantly seeking new shops to add to their clothing collection.

(Image From Tripadvisor.ie)

The Friendly and Safe Atmosphere
Amsterdam is in the top 15 safest cities in the world, so no need to worry on when you’re coming home at 5am from a night out. The only safety precaution you regularly have to worry about is to watch out for the bikes!

(Image from Tripadvisor.ie)

You Can Be Broke and Still Enjoy The City

There are countless free attractions in Amsterdam so even if you’re running low on cash, you can still experience everything Amsterdam has to offer. Vondelpark, Begijnhof, Moderne Hippies and Albert Cuyp markets, free ferry ride across the IJ, lunchtime concerts at Concertgebouwplein are all amongst the free attractions to experience while you’re on a budget.

(Image from Parkhotel.nl)

Amsterdam is known for it’s eclectic cuisine. From international foods to traditional Dutch cuisine, you can find just about anything that suits your taste buds.

(Image from Tomostyle.wordpress.com)

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes!

Amsterdam is a biking city. If you’re not walking around you’re biking which is most fun while you’re young and active. Almost everyone cycles around the city which inevitably means the air is quite clean (yay good air quality!). You can walk just about anywhere, or there are trams and even a (small) metro network, but cycling is the quickest way to zip through the city and see the sites. There are plenty of places to rent bikes while visiting the city so no need to worry about lugging your own bike all the way to Amsterdam.

(Image from Euvoudebike.com)

Tiana DeNicola

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