Top 7 celebs falling from grace

In less you’ve been living under a rock, the chances are you’ve seen Madonna take a trip down a couple of stairs at the Brit Awards 2015. The vampy red and black Armani cape was apparently tied too tight and when it came down to a decision of being strangled or falling, Madonna chose the latter.

Madonna has since vowed, “No more capes.” That’s probably the right decision, really. But, whilst we felt awful watching her take a tumble, we couldn’t help but consider how much sadistic enjoyment we get from seeing celebrities slipping up during a performance. So here are just seven moments in which some of our favourite (and least favourite) celebrities fall from grace (and we roll around laughing hysterically).

1. Madonna’s Brit Award fiasco (of course!)


2. She might wake up flawless, but even Beyoncé’s taken a trip or two…or three or four


3. Throwback to 2008 AMAs


4. And Bambi takes a human form in Harry Styles (he’s fallen over so many times it was hard to pick just one)


5. Swift recovery for Taylor Swift


6. …Obviously she passed on her wisdom to Ed (that forward roll though!)


7. Finally, that time Katy Perry body slammed some cake


And then, just because who doesn’t want to see Justin Bieber fall on his face, here’s a little extra something something that doesn’t exactly take place on stage, but is still equally as entertaining!

Let this be a lesson to all celebrities: if you do have the misfortune of falling from grace, let it be known that it will be shared and replayed across the world wide web until the end of time.

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