Students React to Labour’s Miliband’s Vows to Cap University Tuition Fees

Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has said they would cap university tuition fees in England at £6,000 per year from 2016 if they win in May. He also promised to increase the non-repayable maintenance grants by £400 per year to help with increasing living costs. There is however still the issue that said grants are only available to students from families who earn below £42,000, leading to concerns that those from middle-income families do not have access to sufficient loans.

Miliband claims the government would cover the costs by reducing tax relief on pensions for anyone earning over £150,000 each year. There would also be a higher interest rate for graduates who earn more then £42,000 per year.

He went on call the student debt level a “disaster”, whilst Business Secretary Vince Cable said reducing the fees is “completely financially illiterate”.

Reducing tuition fees could save taxpayers £40bn within 15 years and should not effect the universities themselves.

We went out and spoke to University of Westminster students to see if they thought capping fees at £6,000 were a good idea and if it could help Miliband win the General Election on May 7th.


Tessa – 20

“If he can say he can lower it to £6,000 well it makes you think why was it raised to £9,000 in the first place. I don’t think it can help him that much to be honest. People already sort of know in their minds who they’re gonna vote for”

Keziah – 20

“I think at this point Ed Miliband’s just trying to do anything to get likes from people. Also if reduces it to £6,000 I feel kind of cheated that I’ve paid £9,000. Will I get a refund? Will the quality of teaching decrease?”

Effieng – 44

“It’s a lie. They won’t change it. Clegg came and lied and went into office and couldn’t do anything. They enjoy it. They would not like to bring it done. He might win the election but I doubt, I doubt. Students wouldn’t believe him”

Maria – 20

“I don’t really know much about it but it’s cheaper. Thumbs up for me. I have a little brother who it would affect.”

Tom – 24

“I think it’s too little too late for Ed Miliband and reducing it by £3,000 is not really enough. I think if he went there with a claim to being it back down to £3,000 he might have a chance. Students are used to £9,000 now and reducing won’t make any difference. He should stick to the NHS. Make it harder to get into uni, get rid of the dose courses Tony Blair bought in that just put more people into debt.”

Bregeta – 21

“The problem with it is the promises that were made to students before weren’t kept. I don’t think believe any comments about tuition fees. I don’t see any problems with the higher fees it’s better for us in the long run. If we get better jobs we pay it back and if we don’t then we pay make a much lesser interest than when it was lower. I don’t think it should change – it sustains the economy.”

James -19

“It’s possibly something that might help him get votes. I know he’ll be struggling against other people like UKIP and Cameron who actually want to raise it even more. He’ll be getting student votes definitely.”

Callum – 20

“Yeah it’s a good thing I suppose good thing for me but I don’t think he’ll win.”


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