I cannot afford to live in the city I was born

As students we are all far too familiar with the sketchy landlords, budget lifestyle and intern culture that London has to offer, but what happens after we lose the support of our loans? A recent campaign across London Billboards has highlighted the heartbreaking stories and reasons of why more and more people are being forced to leave the city they love, the city they come from.

It would seem that unfortunately, for even the highest qualified professionals London is becoming increasingly impossible to sustain the most basic of lifestyles. Terrifying. Londonischanging.org is a website that sought out for peoples reasons why they were leaving/entering the city of London, with their findings shedding a rather pessimistic light. The emotive stories of the individuals have been postured across the city in attempt to make passers by, drivers and London as a community stop and think, how much longer will I be able to afford this?

Rebecca Ross, a communications designer based in London was the brains behind this campaign. She wagered her time as a consultant for the billboard companies in return for space on the display boards. The project began earlier this year and will run throughout 2015 however it has already received a lot of media attention. Naturally it’s not all doom and their are some cases of people moving simply because they want to be closer to a cinema, how nice for them.

Overall the general consensus of the quotes show just how rapidly this city is changing. London once used to be a city of diverse and varying backgrounds, bringing an array if culture and life with it. Samuel Johnson once said that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. We are tired Sam, we’re tired of working three jobs just to afford our rent.

To see more of the messages on the billboards go to: http://www.londonischanging.org/review_billboards

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