Here comes the new Gucci with a geek chic look

A month ago, the biggest shock to hit in fashion industry happened when Frida Giannini resigned the CEO of Gucci just days before the Milan Menswear Fashion Week. Now Alessandro Michele, the successor and the former head of accessories, is on himself to give Gucci a new look.

Is the new Gucci going to transfer the old one? Will Gucci keep its ‘gender neutral’ style? What happens to the big belt buckle? Questions were all over the place before the show. And finally yesterday the new Gucci struck Milan Fashion Show with its 2015AW Womenswear geeky chic.

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This collection is named ‘The contemporary is untimely’, which is inspired from Italian philosopher, Giorgio Agamben. But it can be hash tagged by modern naiveté. The whole collection gave Gucci a fresh direction towards fun but old-fashioned looks. From all those bubble hats and berets, to silky transparent shirts, is a random collection from Tudors to sixties. You hardly remember the ‘bag seller’ Gucci after seeing this cool fun and brand new Gucci. Especially the first transparent look was somehow a reply to earlier Rick Owens Menswear collection and reveled the latest trend: an exposure of some parts of your body. However by looking at the details, you can tell the silky shirts, the beret hats, the big bowknots on chests, and of course, the big belt buckles, are all the same elements appeared a month ago at the Menswear show in Milan.

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But a more straight feeling is that different from the bold, passionate and gorgeous sexy Gucci lady expressed by Tom Ford; Michele’s Gucci lady is more vulnerable and fragile, with long hair streaming down. Those girls on yesterday’s catwalk seem like a bunch of artistic girls on their way to boutique shops in their most nerdy but smart looks.

While Alessandro Michele was saying that he likes garments having a history behind, bloggers and the Internet were all questioning this randomly constructed Gucci show. Is Gucci dead after the sudden change happened in January? This question was popped out right after the show.




The hottest comment under the show on was “RIP Gucci”, and people were yelling out the former CEO Frida’s name to be back all over Instagram.

After all, yesterday’s show shared the same response with Menswear fashion show held in last month. The supporters are taking it as a brave move towards a new Gucci, and point out a few eye-catching items; the dissenters, on the other hand, saying Alessandro Michele is betraying the classic Gucci by randomly putting some ‘historical’ looks on the catwalk with a pretentious concept behind.

Facing with the continuous sales decline, Gucci maybe wants to copy the transformation Saint Laurent has made by totally subverting the classic brand image and build up a more bold and fun brand. But how it works to Gucci still needs time to prove.

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