Green Party and The Mental Brain Fade

This Tuesday, during a live interview with LBC’s Nick Ferrari, Natalie Bennet, Australian born leader of the Green Party, experienced a near debilitating condition that stripped her of her mental acuity and verbal proficiency called, by her, a ‘mental brain fade’.

This condition left her stuttering and almost incoherent as she attempted to answer a question about housing with seemingly made up figures caught briskly by her interviewer.


(Ms Bennet is asked about housing at 4.09 and the ‘mental brain fade’ seems to take full hold after the 5.00 mark)


The entire interview is difficult to listen to because of her shaky voice and unsure tone. But has this caused the Green Party to lose support or do voters feel sympathetic for her human faults?

Here’s what people on twitter had to say over the week:



Here’s a nice one

And one that’s just cheeky

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