Cool Twitter accounts to follow during Fashion Week

It’s fashion week! Unfortunately, not all of us gets an invitation or we’re too caught up at work. Thanks to social media, we can now check out what’s trending at fashion week. We check out tweets from a blogger who dress to repel men, a normcore fan editor, and Taylor Swift’s BFF.

1. @ManRepeller

Also known as Leandra Medine, this blogger knows a few things in fashion. Her man repelling ways of wearing couture for street wear is tres chic. It is best that she kept her tweets interesting by alternating style news and lifestyle updates. Learn a thing or two about layering clothes without looking like a cake. Follow her twitter account for the latest news on fashion shows and humorous beauty and life tips. Make sure to follow her Instagram or “Manstagram” as she calls it for more of Leandra in pictures.

2. @evachen212

Famously known for her #evachenpose on Instagram. This normcore beauty editor, regularly posts #shoesoftheday posts in her car. One of the few major editors to start using social media. Eva has changed the way editors are perceived making her the favourite among youth. This sneaker wearing editor loves mixing street style brands with high fashion labels. Learn about the busy life of an editor through Eva’s twitter and don’t be shy to tweet her a thing or two on fashion. She’ll surely reply if you do it nicely.

3. @KarlieKloss

Mega Victoria Secret catwalker, or Taylor Swift BFF’s is the model of the moment. Other than being a Victoria’s Secret angel, she constantly shares her backstage moments with her closets pals such as Joan Smalls and other It models. Currently, all her tweets are featuring Taylor Swift which makes her the next It girl to be BFF with. Dubbed the next Christie Turlington, Karlie is the American sweetheart in fashion. From tweeting about her Karlie Kookies to her constant updates on her whereabouts on fashion week, you’ll never miss out on fashion ever again.


By Teh Athira 

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