3 different ways to cook scrambled eggs

Eggs- so versatile, so yummy. There are over a dozen different ways to cook eggs, from soft-boiled, to sunny side-up or poached, devilled or steamed, to scrambled. Have your pick. Each recipe is more enticing than the previous one. And they’re good for you, too.

Not just appetising, they’re rich in protein yet low in calories, providing the perfect base for countless healthy breakfast meals. The most common egg based breakfast? Scrambled eggs.

Here’s 3 different ways to cook scrambled eggs from Britain’s celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver.

The English style is probably the most straightforward one. Just add a knob of butter to a non-sticking pan. Whisk your eggs, add a pinch of salt and throw them into the pan. Use a spatula to move the eggs around. Stir every five seconds. The recipe can be improved with a splash of milk or cream, but if you do it right you won’t need any. The key here is not to over-cook the eggs. Remember, you want them creamy and fluff.

The French style managed to raise some furrowed browns. It involves slow cooking over a bain-marie (a water bath). Whisk from time to time and brace yourself. It takes a while. Probably not the best option when your stomach’s growling. But you might be able to score some points if you choose to make it for a loved one. Who doesn’t love a fancy, over-complicated breakfast?

Last but not least, the American way to cook scrambled eggs. Start off just as you would with the English style eggs. The main difference lies in the technique itself. Let the mixture set for a couple of seconds then start by folding it inwards with a spatula. Gently.

Too plain for you? Here’s how you can take things to the next level. Pair your scrambled eggs with peeled shrimp.


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