Women should breastfeed discreetly, says Farage

UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage, has said people may feel embarrassed if women breastfeed in an “openly ostentatious” way.

He was asked about a recent incident at Claridge’s hotel in London where a mother was asked to cover up while feeding her daughter.

Farage said he was not “particularly bothered” by women breastfeeding in public, but that businesses have rules and it is alright for a women to be asked to “perhaps sit in a corner, or whatever it might be”.

Claridge’s has said in a statement it “embraces” breastfeeding but would like mothers to be “discreet” towards other guest, as they might feel uncomfortable.

Justine Roberts, the chief executive of Mumsnet, told BBC: “Babies need to be fed when they’re hungry and there’s nothing ostentatious about a mother responding to that need.”

Louise Burns, who was involved in the incident, said that she will not return to the luxury hotel in Mayfair.

Photo: Euro Realist Newspaper

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