Two inventions that change the way we communicate via social media

Social Media Platforms…we’ve seen them all.. so it seems. Here are two inventions that change the way we communicate via social media.

Number One on our list is the Live Instagram Printer created by the Social Playground. The Social Playground, a creative lab offering photographic services and equpment, brought social media into another level bridging the gap of the online and real world through digital experiences. The Australian brand created the very first Live Instagram Printer that engages the ‘selfie – generation’ (us) to be part of something bigger.


The printer carries the nostalgia that we all remember from the Polaroid photos and photo booths into the digital age and offers us to be part of events that we attend every day.  The Business Director Matt Barbelli explains: “Launching London has been an exciting step for Social Playground. With the number of events happening every day, we are excited to bring a fresh way of engaging consumers and guests to the market and no doubt given Instagram’s popularity in the UK”.

The only thing you need to do is to attend an event, take a photo (selfie) and add the event hashtag. Collect a branded printout of your photo and build conversations with other people who attended the same event.

Have better sext with number two on our list: a new platform called Flirtmoji which offers animated caricartures of our intimate body parts and fetishes. Simply create an account so you get the first fifteen flirtmojies for free; and then simply copy and paste the pics into your messages. I assure you, your partner will be pleasantly surprised.



1. Social Playground Image. Rebecca Homer, Senior PR Account Executive at

2. Flirtmoji. (when you log in)

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