Third year fine art show


Last night saw third year fine art students display their work in a completely unique venue, out of the usual realms of suburbia. Down a dodgy side street, just a hop, skip and jump away from Peckham Rye tube station, stood the withered remains of 139 Copeland Road.

A perfect venue to display artistic works, the house em-compassed the oh so sought after element of ‘shabby chic,’ that appears to be continually transforming London’s shit-holes into hot spots. Maybe there’s hope for Kenton after all?

Viewers could explore the crumbling remains of this charm-filled dump, which closely resembled that of number 12 Grimmauld Place, whilst observing some Westminster’s fine art pieces.

Whether or not viewers deem such works as art, is of course a personal preference for whom ever is examining the piece. However, amidst the misconceptions of students conjuring art out of thin air and simply ‘winging it’, there is great deal of intellectual thought carried during the creative process and indeed hardwork.

Agony and ecstasy has only previously been reserved for that of Michelangelo’s painting of the sistine chapel, but amongst this endearing bunch there are many examples of suffering for art’s sake. Natalie, 21, explained her trials and tribulations of producing a 3D cast of her own head, “I went there, sat there while she slowly covered my whole head in mod rock. I was trapped inside it. I thought I was pharaoh being made into a mummy.” Others went on a journey. Laura, 22, quite literally followed in the footsteps of German writer Sebald, as she carried out 27 mile walk, taken as inspiration from his book, ‘The Rings of Saturn.

So it’s safe the fine art lot don’t f*** about, they also know how to party hard in the trendy realms of SE London. Check out the video above of the nights events!

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