Inside Winter Wonderland

It’s December, meaning that Winter Wonderland is back to bring some Christmas cheer. Every year at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland opens to the public for a limited time only. I love Christmas and it has to be one of my favourite holidays but I feel that after working at Winter Wonderland find it harder and harder to enjoy it.


Now I’m no Christmas hater but there comes a point where after working at Winter Wonderland where you finally get tired of the music, lights and mulled wine.

I have been working at Winter Wonderland since 2009 and when I first started it was amazing and I loved it but year after year the novelty has begun to wear off.

When we get to inside of Winter Wonderland you’re met with Christmas Markets which in theory is great but at some point you realise that you’ve sen it all. The live bands are a great addition to the atmosphere.

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You have your pick of mulled wine or if you’re brave Mulled Cider,  which in my opinion is better then wine. There is also a variety of snacks and foods like hog roast or pancakes and German food. Overall I think that Winter Wonderland has got to be London’s top christmas event. People look forward to such an event and I’m not surprised by the amount of people who come and fill out the place at the weekend. Now we have just finished one American holiday Thanksgiving and Winter Wonderland was filed with many Americans looking to celebrate the holiday.

With all this taken into account I can see how many catering companies can make a lot of money out of the event because of the amount  food and drink that is sold. The huge amount of mulled wine or cider sold with the combination of mince pies there is quite a lot of revenue of profit for the companies.

With Winter Wonderland you meet some of the nicest people in the world because every person is different and they all want to buy stuff for there families or partners. If you asked me four years ago if I knew winter wonderland even existed, I would honesty say no because i didn’t know how big it was. Now because of the amount of times I have worked there, I have met many people you wouldn’t expect to be there like Gok Wan and Cara Delevingne.

So despite everything, Winter Wonderland to me is a great event and something to enjoy which is perfect for me because of the fact I love Christmas.

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