Anti-abortion protesters silenced by pregnant woman

A heavily pregnant lady confronted a group of pro-life campaigners outside a Southwark surgery, leaving them lost for words.

The pro-life campaigners were seen to be harassing women as they were entering the Southwark surgery, which offers abortion services.

Abort67 members were videoing women upon entering and leaving the surgery which the passer by was not happy about. She told the protesters: ‘You are wrong in what you’re doing. You’re standing out here making people feel guilty. You don’t know why people are doing what they’re doing, but you want to be out here judging and then filming’.

The woman has received plenty of support for her ‘inspiring speech’ on Twitter:

The woman, who works for Kids Company UK, has received many donations to it’s ‘give a vulnerable child the gift of Christmas scheme’. The charity provides help for vulnerable, inner-city children who have been sexually abused or forced into sex work.

The woman slated the protesters stating: ‘There’s Kids Company round there, where we’re helping thousands and thousands of kids while you’re out here. We work with girls that have been abused, molested, and you’ve got this on. You get raped and then you tell me what you do after that’.

Britain does not offer legal protection to women’s health services from anti-abortion activists, so are we obligated to confront these protesters on our own accord?

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

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