Zoella’s book ‘Girl Online’ breaks records

The 24 year old YouTube sensation that goes by the name Zoella has already sold more than 78,000 copies of her book in the first week, the highest number of sales in the first week recorded by Nielsen BookScan since they began recording information six years ago.

Her book ‘Girl Online’ has sold more copies in its first week of publication in the United Kingdom than any previous debut novel on record, blowing even writers like J.K Rowling out of the water. Published on November 25th it is now the U.K.’s fastest selling book of the year.

Zoe Sugg fist rose to fame in 2009 when she first starting blogging, and since then her vlogs have taken off, attracting millions of views each day. Her quirky personality and upbeat character makes her relatable to young girls everywhere.

The fact that she is open about not drinking alcohol or doing drugs of any sort also means that she is popular among parents, and wins their approval. In fact, she was pronounced The Perfect Role Model by writer Judith Woods, whose daughter is a big fan of the online beauty guru.

Zoe’s career really took off in 2014 when she secured a two-book deal with Penguin (the sequel for ‘Girl Online’ is set to be published next year) she won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star in the Fashion and Beauty category, posed for British Vogue, launched her own line of beauty products and sang on the Band Aid charity single for Ebola with the likes of One Direction and Ed Sheeran.

However, she wouldn’t be a star in the  true sense without her fair share of ‘haters’. She has been called ‘bland’ and ‘overly positive’ with an ‘unrealistic’ persona by some people. In fact, a piece in The Telegraph has called her “intimidatingly perfect”.

Despite this, within 24 hours of tickets for Zoella’s U.K book signings becoming available, they were sold out. Looks like her 2.6 million fans on Twitter have not been put off by these digs at the internet star’s personality(!)

If you too secretly fantasise about rising to fame online, why not check out WNOL’s tips on how to become a successful YouTube blogger, where we take a closer look at bloggers such as Zoella?

Picture: Gage Skidmore

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