You need an imbalance to stay fit

You know a ‘balanced’ diet is good for you. But did you know that to lose weight balance is actually your enemy? You need an imbalance – burning more calories than you take in. It’s devilishly difficult.


Popular formulas for calculating your calorie baseline, such as your weight multiplied by 10. Don’t ever eat more that the calories necessary, Try the online simulator enter age, daily activity level and exercise habits. Enter in your values (you can do it yourself for free) – you need to cut 900 calories a day from your diet. Time to put down the Krispy Kreme.


Ever hear that a daily deficit of 500 calories would allow you to lose a pound a week? You will lose 100% of your weight from fat and doesn’t account for your slowing metabolism. The simulator reveals that to lose two stone and six pounds in six months (without additional exercise) means a daily budget of 1,450 calories. This is not a short-term fix, but a good long-term solution.


Even people who log every morsel bungle the maths. Restaurant menus and food labels can underestimate calorie counts by as much as 245%, according to research in the Journal Of The American Dietetic Association. Bet that low-cal ready meal isn’t looking so tasty now…IS IT?

Stop looking at charts and start think more.. it might just help!


Sleeping longer is good for you.. that’s pretty cool to hear right? But did you know if you’re sleep deprived you eat about 300 extra calories a day – by not getting enough sleep you stimulate hunger-includinf gherlin and suppressing appetite-inhibiting leptin.

So don’t ever let anyone stop you from sleeping.

Picture :Edson Hong

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