Russell Brand threatens to sue The Sun over housing allegations

British comedian and actor has officially outed on Twitter that he intends to sue the daily tabloid over front-page article accusing Brand that he has been paying a substantial sum for a luxury three-bedroom apartment in Hoxton to a firm referred to as a tax haven.

Hey , I’m gonna sue you and give the money to and JFT96

Since 2013 the actor has been well known as an activist and a campaigner. His anti-capitalist demonstrations, including his participation in the Anonymous march on the 5th of November this year, and his recently published book Revolution have received a major media attention. The allegations from the tabloid resulted after Brand, who had joined 400 protesters of Hackney New Era outside of Downing Street on Monday, got into a heated argument with Channel 4 reporter Patrick O’Brien. The group was demonstrating against the tripling of rent of a Hoxton estate and 93 families facing eviction in the area due to a planned development.

The Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper has made a point of criticising Brand’s political believes and reporting on his personal life. Only a few months ago, in September, the actor accepted in London’s High Court substantial libel damages from the Sun on Sunday over a three-page article claiming Brand had cheated on with then-girlfriend Jemima Khan.

The publication is yet to respond to Brand’s threat. In his tweet to The Sun the actor also announced his plans to donate the sum to New Era Estate and towards the cause for the 96 football supporters who died in Hillsborough stadium.

Photo credit: Russell Brand website

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