Autumn Statement – 18 key points

It’s the final Autumn Statement before the General Election, but George Osborne reveals ‘red warning lights are flashing over our economy’. Here is a Storify to illustrate the key points of Osborne’s speech.

Despite George Osborne’s acknowledgement of his deficit not falling as he hoped, he assured us of his ‘determination to deal with debts’. But Ed Milliband believes that the Autumn Statement is simply government’s ‘broken promises’.

Postgraduate loans were introduced in the Autumn Statement for the first time ever, but what about mature students?

A few more things worth noting;

– Fuel duty is to remain frozen

– We are in the ‘golden age’ of creative industries

– We are on track to meet the welfare cap commitment

– The rich are making the largest deficit contribution – slightly contradicting, ‘we are all in this together’

And let’s remember;

‘We don’t sneer at people who want to work hard and get on’ (Osborne).

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

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