Secret Santa presents for under £10

It’s December, and the Christmas spirit is rolling in! Mulled wine, hot chocolate and waiting for Santa to make his appearance. It’s also time for your work  Christmas party, or even your house Christmas dinner and this usually means Christmas Santa time!

If you are that point where you’ve picked somebody’s name who you don’t have a clue what to buy them, don’t worry because you’re soon going to be sorted! Even better, all the prices are under £10!

The curious one

This person loves to ask questions, about everything. If it’s not about food, it’s about the weather, their clothes, money and you get to the point where you don’t even understand how some thoughts cross their mind! The Book of Questions is the perfect book. Written by Gregory Stock, he asks all the questions that everyone is thinking of but without even given you an answer to the questions. This will surely get this person understanding that they need not to ask another question again, or maybe they will come back to you wanting answers.

The one with insomnia

Is your friend always texting you at ungodly hours during the night, but yet they want to sleep all day? Well This Works Miracle Cracker is the ideal present. They can spray it on their pillow before they go to sleep, and away they will go into the beautiful sleep time. They will be a lot happier, and won’t be cranky towards you either. You might even need to get it for yourself as they have turned you into an insomniac themselves. It also comes in wrapped up as a Christmas cracker, meaning more wrapping paper for other presents. Present sorted!

The one obsessed with stationary

We all have that friend who is super organised. They love everything to be organised and they have OCD about the slightest pen mark on their sheet of paper. It’s almost as if they are on pills all the time. Give them some pills, but no not actual pills! Vitapens – highlighters in the shape of pills! You are addressing their problem that they are too organised, but feeding their obsession too. Splendid!

The one who loves painting their nails

So they love painting their nails. Every day, it’s a different colour. To reflect their mood, what they are wearing and it is just part of who they are. If they did not have their nails painted, they will be an utter wreck! Ciaté know how to do their Christmas collections well, and the Tree Trinket Nail Varnish is just perfect for the nail loving friend. Getting a full-sized bottle, they can hang it up on their Christmas tree to add the little bit of extra sparkle.

The one who loves tea

They love tea. They drink it all the time, no matter what time of day. Tea is their therapy. It calms them down, and allows them to get into any zone they want to. The Hearts Stanley mug from Cath Kidston is perfect. The size of it especially makes it good for a cuppa. Pop some biscuits with it as well and you are good to go!

Picture: James Petts

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