Top 3 online fashion advent calendars

If you were flooded with feelings of disappointment as you opened the door of your advent calendar this morning, fear not. WNOL Lifestyle have picked our top three online advent calendars. Filled with treats and prizes far more  delicious than that little chocolate shaped Santa.

1. Whistles

Each day Whistles offers up a treat for all you savvy shoppers. From a chance to win a years supply of shoes to opportunities to purchase their beautiful products at an incredible discount. And since 2014 has seen the launch of their menswear collection, there are prizes for both men and women, so everyone can have a chic Christmas.

2. Love

Love Advent

If visual treats are more your style, then visit Love’s website. Each day the notable fashion publication offers up a video of everyone’s favourite models, sashaying around in high-end lingerie. Each video is shot by a different photographer/ director and has its own charming aesthetic.

3. Telegraph

The Telegraph fashion team reveal a new item off of their fantasy wish-list each day. Whilst the prices are mainly astronomical, it is an exclusive look at what is most coveted by the fashion pack this season. It can also be left open/ forwarded for all the subtle gift giving hints.

Pictures courtesy of: Whistles, Love and The Telegraph.

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