Are immigrants leaving Europe ‘elderly and haggard’?

David Cameron has planned to put a benefits cap on EU immigrants arriving to the UK, and benefits can only be claimed four years after their arrival. But is Cameron costing the UK economically as these low-skill immigrants do jobs others refuse?

Immigration and EU membership are crucial to the UK’s prospects  but with Cameron’s plans to limit immigration, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven believes these ‘change of rules on free movement could ruin the 28-member group’.

Net immigration this year has increased by 182,000 despite Cameron’s efforts to reduce it by ‘tens of thousands’ a year, which as Pope Francis claims; has left Europe elderly and haggard’.

In a European summit at the beginning of November, the Prime Minister of Finland said that freedom of movement is ‘rather holy’ and that the UK should be rewarded with a medal for opening its borders to Eastern Europe. But with this increased government spending, catering for immigrants benefits, the European economy is no longer ‘fertile’ or ‘vibrant’.

The UK is a key player in European economic success but Cameron claims ‘The scale of people coming into the country’ needs to be taken ‘control’ of. However, low-skilled immigrants are willing to do jobs that many British people would refuse to do: ‘is there no one left in Britain who can make a sandwich?’

So is Cameron hindering the success of the UK in the European Union, or do you think it is justifiable to cap the number of immigrants and benefits they are entitled to?

Picture: Wikipedia

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