Will the street art of Camden survive?

In recent years, Camden streets have become Americanized, but the true craft that keeps the streets of Camden alive is its street art. I spoke with a tour guide Nelly in a pursuit to discover more about some of the murals.

As you are about to witness, plenty of street artists have skipped school in order to fulfil themselves as artists, and some of them are already working for big brands and making a name for themselves worldwide.

I took the Camden street art tour, after taking Alternative London tour earlier this year. Both of the tour guides share the same emotion when it comes to mainstream shops being introduced-anger.

Nelly, my tour guide in Camden pointed out for me all the walls that are endangered due to a new shopping centre that is in plan, but we also passed by Dan Kitchener who was on a mission of embellishing a greyish looking wall. It’s not all black and white in the end, although Alex Senna might disagree with me (scroll down for his love art).

Here’s what i found out on certain artists, a piece which ends with Nelly’s opinion on the future of street art.


MauMau represent a mischievous fox as a rebel in capitalistic world

For more of his art, click here.

For Bambi’s social side and contact, click here.

Fore more on Alice’s work and to contact her, its here.

Alex Senna has a whole page dedicated to his art, from street art to work he did for companies-check it out!

rsz_majas_image_of_street_art (1)

Click for more of Alaniz’s art.

On losing art to building new shopping areas, Nelly says: ‘It’s difficult to predict what will happen to street art after the gentrification of the area. I believe some walls will be lost but there will be a lot more work going up on new walls that are presently untouched. Hopefully the new owners of the area will embrace street art and will view it as a positive addition to an already popular area that draws thousands of visitors each week.’

Nelly’s social account: Instagram

Or if you wish to book a tour yourself: Hidden Street Tours

writes @ManicMaja

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