Patrick’s Movember challenge comes to an end

As Movember finished, Patrick Stoddart found a rather fun way to bring his challenge to an end. After raising over £300 for charity, he taught at University in a penguin onesie.

Mid November, Patrick talked about how he was quite enjoying having a moustache and that he wasn’t encountering any problems yet, but needed to raise more money then he had so far.

By the end of the month, Patrick had managed to raise over £350 for charity on his Movember page. To celebrate this he completed one of the challenges given to him which was to teach for a day in a onesie.


The outfit seemed like the perfect way to end the finish the Movember challenge in high spirits. The day was a double celebration, as Patrick also brought in a chocolate cake in honour of his birthday. He really was the man of the hour, and was treated like a celebrity with students clambering to get a selfie with their much loved lecturer.

Patrick’s Movember page is still active, and he ha almost reached £400. Please give generously, especially as the festive season approaches. You never know, we may even get another onesie appearance!

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