Are Ouija boards just as dangerous as Ebola?

The Catholic Priest has warned that using Ouija boards over Christmas is the same as ‘going to some parts of Africa and saying i’m immune to Ebola, leaving people open to all kinds of spiritual dangers’.

So Christmas is coming, and young people always think of buying a Ouija board in order to experiment with contacting the dead, but the Catholic Priest has warned that although ‘its easy to open up evil spirits… it’s very hard to get rid of them’.

This year, sales of Ouija boards are up 300% and although it appears to be a must have Christmas gift, vicar’s believe the game places you at risk of psychological harm. Young thrill-seekers will see this as a form of enjoyment, but spiritual realities can be very negative.

It is thought that the release of last months horror film ‘Ouija’ has sparked sales, but as the film is criticised for being ‘cliched and horror free’, people are being warned that ‘messing around with the real thing can be horrifying’. Although teenagers do not mean any harm by it, ‘you have no way to control what the spiritual realm may impinge on you’. An exorcist said that ‘people don’t realise they can get infected’ by ‘evil spirits and demons… as a means of gaining possession’. 

Darren Ansell, a member of Paranormal Study and Investigation (PSI), who has recently appeared on BBC’s Greatest Haunts, has told the Sunday Independent that he ‘wouldn’t touch an Ouija board with a barge pole’ because of ‘too many scares over the years’.

So kids/teenagers/young adults, if a professional is warning against the use of Ouija boards, leave it off the Christmas list this year.

Picture: DragonOak


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    Hmmm… I wonder what Tyler Kokjohn’s response would be and if it would involve steam coming from his ears. Somebody who doesn’t care read this for me and tell me if it lives up to the title. I don’t want to risk spoiling a perfectly good Onion-style header with ludicrously serious and probably offensive religious content.


  • As a sensitive, I have to agree that contacting the spirit world is not a game. I have been viciously attacked by negative entities and tormented by pranksters. (I did not reach out to these entities) Spirits with good and bad intentions exist, and why would you try and attract them when you can’t control who is going to show up? The best thing for both the living and the dead is to stay in our own realms. If a spirit reaches out to you, go to a reputable spiritualist for guidance.


    • What is shocking is that it appears that it is children/teenagers that are asking for these for Christmas. It’s frightening for an adult to come into contact with the spirit world, this could inevitably have a life-long impact on a younger person.


  • Two questions to consider. One how do you confirm to what or who you are trying to contact? Two can you handle if something is summoned?


    • True, but sometimes with Ouija boards you don’t actually get contact with who you want, and instead are inviting ‘evil spirits’ in your home, which then become difficult to get rid of. Most people think they can handle it, which is why it is such a problem.


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