Twitter reacts to Ukip Westminster Cathedral blunder

Earlier this week Ukip mistook London’s iconic Westminster Cathedral as a mosque. The blunder, which is in the running for the stupidest thing Ukip has ever Tweeted, sparked a hilarious response from the online community. 

Twitter loves nothing more than having an excuse for a good meme or the chance for a witty hashtag, and Ukips recent Tweet certainly delivered the goods.

It all started when the BBC’s Daily Politics tweeted a picture of a planned experiment with the general public to see whether Farage has what it takes to become Prime Minister.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 11.04.32

The image (since deleted from @daily_politics) shows two clear boxes, labelled ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Passers by were then asked to vote as to whether Nigel Farage has what it takes to be prime minister.

But this is when Ukip’s South Thanet branch stepped up and handed the online community some first-class comedy gold.

The branch (very sarcastically) responded to the picture by saying it was the perfect setting for a Ukip questionnaire as it was “in front of a mosque in London”, trying to accuse the Daily Politics of being ‘selective’ and biased with their location choice.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 11.19.21

But Twitter users were quick to point out just how wrong the Ukip representatives were, with one replying ‘it was Westminster Cathedral you Twonk’.

It was shortly after the ridiculous mistake was made, that the Tweet began to make viral waves in the Twittersphere and the glorious hashtag #ThingsThatAreNotMosques was born.

Twitter users and the have-a-go comics amongst us began to Tweet hilarious responses of their own.

Bravo Twitter, Bravo.

Picture: Daily Politics / Fran Devinney

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