Black Friday: Bargain bashing

Black Friday is a bargain shoppers dream and a retail workers nightmare, where stores slash prices and offer the best discounts of the year on a host of goods. But as 2014 marks the biggest ever Black Friday in the UK, shoppers seem to have forgotten their manners.

With shops such as supermarket favourite Asda offering a Polaroid 40” LED TV for just £139 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8” at just £149, savings are enticing desperate christmas shoppers into stores all across Britain.

Huge crowds were expected at retailers this morning as prices were slashed by up to 50%, but what came as a shock in the early hours of today, were the violent eruptions from warring bargain hunters.

A series of Vines and pictures have been circulating on news sites, of shoppers fighting over large screen TV’s and trampling over each other to get to the items they have queued for.

Black Friday shoppers at Wembley’s Asda superstore were ordered to queue outside in an attempt to control the raging crowds, as aisles filled with rambunctious hopefuls desperate for the best deals.

The store had to resort to staggering entry for the huge amount of people in an attempt to maintain everybody’s safety.

TV crews and reporters were in amongst the action as they filmed the chaotic scenes which in many cases have required police officers to try and control the growing crowds and individuals fighting over the last items.

In the UK, at least two people have already been arrested after scuffles in supermarkets.

But what causes people to coveniantly forget their innate desire to queue at the first sign of a half price TV, why do shoppers turn to violence?

The incessant desire to bargain hunt is hardwired into our DNA, it’s the idea that we are getting something for nothing. We are being offered a cheaper deal and the chance to spend less of our hard earned cash.

The primal human instinct we have when it comes to buying something we want for the least amount of money is enough to make us stand for hours in the cold and get up at the crack of dawn to do so. Simply knowing that Black Friday offers amazing deals, even for a short amount of time, is enough to get our adrenaline pumping.

This adrenaline teamed with the idea of a competition – you’re success is another shoppers loss – is enough to incite desperate pushing and shoving, because you queued up in the rain to get that 40-inch TV and you’ll be damned if you see somebody else walk out with it.

Black Friday incites a free-for-all mentality where amazing discounts are offered, but you have to be at the front of the line to get what you want. Even if it means pushing and shoving your way to the front of a queue – it’s down to you to win the best prizes.

If you’re thinking of venturing out today in pursuit of cheap deals, you may want to predetermine whether a cheap tablet is worth the black eye you could get when you get your hands on it.

Or just do what us Brits do best and get queuing.

Picture: Justin Don Willett

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