10 most memorable Jeremy Kyle Show moments ever

Jeremy Kyle has given us a lot of television over the years and has never failed to surprise us time and time again. After years of showing make-ups, break ups, fights, DNA and lie detector tests we count down the 10 most memorable moments in Jeremy Kyle Show history.

10. Jen the heavily pregnant and heavily angry woman

Jen’s stepfather James had tried to come onto her a few times before and this time Jen had had enough! Heavily pregnant she took to the stage in her finest tracksuit to tell her stepfather once and for all that he was a ‘dirty git’ and needed to leave her alone. Jeremy even intervened the argument worried that her waters may have broken due to the stress!

9. Carol the nutty mother

Carol made it clear that she most certainly did NOT like the father to her daughter’s baby. Rushing out on stage she battled to get past the security guards in hopes to ‘pan his head in’ and hit his new current girlfriend. After a few failed attempts she finally took a seat but continued to shout and curse extremely loud. Carol seems like one potential mother in law you would NEVER want to upset!

8. The dysfunctional family

Unfortunately for this family the husband had slept with the wife as well as two of her daughters. Needless to say, this caused uproar! Nothing more needed about this one…

7. Mad Dog Dion

After casually telling his wife he was off out to get a skull tattooed on his face she laughed and thought he was joking. Unfortunately for her he returned with just that, and chose to adopt the new name ‘Mad Dog Dion’ in reference to his reckless and crazy antics. She banned him from ever picking their daughter up from school again in fears he may frighten other children, and quite rightly so!

6. Keeping it in the family

In another case of keeping it in the family, Chaz was married to Pam however had asked all three of her daughters to sleep with him, have children with him and/or marry him. Pam was clearly upset but eventually made the decision to leave him. She claimed that Chaz ‘never took a bath for a whole year’ and that she could now finally be free.

5. Can you spell ‘FA-R-THER’?

After the roasting Jeremy gave this potential dad about being a lousy boyfriend and dad he asked him to spell ‘father’. He thought ‘father’ was spelt ‘FARTHER’. Hopefully after he found out the baby was his he managed to step up and be a better ‘farther’ than speller!

4. The flashing grandma

Michelle bought her mum Sylvia to see Jeremy so that he could talk some sense into her about her unsafe sex habits, multiple boyfriends, prostitution and partying at the age of 62. Unfortunately for everyone involved in the show that day they saw a little more than what they bargained for! The Jeremy Kyle Show suddenly turned 18+.

3. The fetish husband Vs paranoid wife

Jan was convinced her husband was porn obsessed and loved certain sexual fetishes too much for it not to be a problem. Jeremy constantly told them to stop swearing but Jan turned up the drama in other ways by making sexual hand gestures and acting crazy. She was convinced he had cheated on her however he proved himself to have been faithful. She didn’t believe him and the drama continued.

2. The headbutt

One of the only Jeremy Kyle Show stories to have made national headlines, the moment one husband head butted his wife’s secret lover sparked an investigation into the show itself. The incident being handled by the police and the show being under investigation didn’t hinder the show however and the show carried on being a success from this critical point onwards.

1. Flying Envelope

After throwing away the empty envelope containing lie detector results, Mark got angry with Jeremy as he thought he threw the results on the floor instead. After Jeremy sarcastically picked up the envelope and threw it on his lap to prove a point Mark tossed the envelope at Jeremy and hit him full force in the side of the head. Jeremy was not injured but this moment marks a Jeremy Kyle first and only!

Picture: Martin Thomas

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