Trouble on twitter for Boris Johnson’s sister

Boris Johnson’s sister, Rachel Johnson has apoligised to the Prime Minister this week, after someone hacked into her twitter account and tweeted “Why are you such an egg faced c***.”

The tweet posted on Tuesday morning received over 100 retweets and led to others throwing abuse at David Cameron.

In a separate tweet Rachel wrote “Yup. Hacked. Apologies everyone and especially to our leader. Am trying to sort.” Followed by “I’ve deleted the egg-faced See You Next Tuesday tweet and I do hope children that will be the end of the matter.”

This isn’t the first tweet around Westminster that has gotten people talking, there has been George Osborne and his posh burger and Ed Miliband who paid tribute to the host of Blackbusters rather than Blockbusters following the death of Bob Holness.

images courtesy of: Rachel Johnson 

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