Want to stop drunk calling your ex? Try new app ‘Drunk Mode’

Ever sent a text on a night out and regretted it the morning after? New app, ‘Drunk Mode’, aims to stop you making that humiliating phone call to an ex, or uploading a hideous drunk selfie.

University student, Joshua Anton, 23, has just created an answer to every drunk students dream. ‘Drunk Mode’ will text you with reminders not to call a certain person, hide your contact list to prevent mistakes, and even track your friends (Find My Drunk) using GPS when you’ve lost them. Anton wanted people to go out and have a good time, but also remain safe. He wanted a night of ‘fun without the drama’.

The app was released earlier this year and 150,000 users have already downloaded. The app is activated when you first go out, and in order to deactivate the app, the user must solve a tricky puzzle – difficult when you’ve had a little too much to drink.

The app also incorporates ‘Breadcrumbs’; which tracks your movements throughout the night. It also shows boy/girl ratio, and how long the queues are at the next club. Anton describes the app ‘like a condom for your phone. A condom allows you to have sex and have fun but not get pregnant. It keeps you safe’.

Only problem is; what happens when you lose your phone? Is there an app for that?

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

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