Prince resigns from the internet


Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one who can break the internet – Prince has completely vanished across the face of the internet world.

Earlier this week, the proclaimed legend of pop removed his official Facebook and Twitter accounts only a year after joining the social media websites, the Guardian reports.

He also deleted his Instagram, aptly named “Princestagram’ after only obtaining it yesterday.

Representatives of the Purple Rain singer have yet to disclose his reasons for his online departure.

As well as his Facebook and Twitter departures, the 56-year-old’s SoundCloud has been wiped and almost all videos on his and his band, 3rd Eye Girl’s Youtube VEVO Account were removed. The only thing that remains now are two versions of his single Breakfast Can Wait, which was released last year, and an old interview.

This doesn’t surprise us, Prince is known for filing or threatening to file lawsuits against companies such as eBay, YouTube and torrent websites for illegally distributing his music.

Plectrumelectrum and Art Official Age, Prince’s most recent albums, were both released this year.

What do you all think of Prince’s mysterious vanishing act? Let us know what you think at @Wnolculture

Pictures and videos: Karppinen, YouTube

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