Living Messiah: Lionel Messi breaks Champions League record

Lionel Messi is recognised as the one of the greatest players that has ever graced the game. On pure statistical data, he is a cut above the rest:

  • 474 games
  • 382 goals
  • 131 assists
  • 26 hat-tricks
  • 21 trophies
  • 0 red cards

The above stats show why he is such an extraordinary player, truly out of this world. His appearance is also very appealing to many people – he doesn’t look like a Galáctico, quite the opposite of his main rival Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s a very shy and humble person which many people find endearing.

However, once he enters the pitch he comes out of his shell. An absolute diamond of a player, he is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing player to watch in world football. His slight appearance and mazy runs are reminiscent of Speedy Gonzalez. Once more he is a very unselfish player, characterized by the 131 assists he has under his name.

Yesterday saw Messi break another record in world football, by becoming the leading Champions League goalscorer with 74 goals, overtaking the legendary Raul González. In typical Messi fashion, the Argentine grabbed a hat-trick as Barcelona raced to a 4-0 win against Apoel Nicosia.

With more goals and assists on the horizon, it is astonishing that the player of the World Cup in 2014 had done all this at the young age of 27. Expect more from the man from Rosario.

Here are all of Messi’s record breaking goals in the Champions League:

Photo credits: MagusMainyu 

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