Jennifer Aniston pulls prank on Radio 1 presenter

Yesterday, the famous ‘Friends’ actress, Jennifer Aniston, pulled a prank on Radio 1’s Chris Stark during the interview of promoting the new film ‘Horrible Bosses 2’, where Jennifer plays a sexy dentist.

Chris Stark is well known for having awkward interviews with stars. Most of the time, his interviews turn into telling his own stories to the stars, and who can forget the infamous moment where he almost asked Mila Kunis out for a date in 2013. This time, Chris’s boss, Scott Mills has asked Jennifer to act as the meanest interviewee as a revenge for other stars.

The reaction from Jennifer when she was answering most of the questions was firstly silence with a nasty facial expression, then telling Chris that it was an ‘inappropriate question’.

Jennifer has definitely kept her sense of humor after ‘Friends’.




Picture: Melissa Moseley

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