Fantasy Football: The race hots up and the top and bottom

Fresh from the international break our teams went in to this weekend’s fixtures with an eye on the finishing line. Who fared the best after Clyne’s goal for Southampton, Burnley’s Ings double and Chelsea’s win over West Brom?

WNOL Team of the Week:
With a grand total of 52 points, Daniel’s Oyetunji Boys shocked everyone as he raced into second place up from fourth despite his team carrying four injuries. A combination of points from Chelsea and Southampton especially put his determined team just two points off the leaders Ivory Toast.

Captain Diego Costa pulled in 12 points and team mate Hazard’s goal meant he raked in a decent 11 points from midfield. Monday nights game between Aston Villa and Southampton pushed the Boys further towards the top; with Clyne and Pelle gaining 9 points between them. But one of the top performances of the weekend for Daniel came from Sunderland’s John O’Shea – the defender gained 9 points in total.

Can Daniel side keep it up and overtake Joe Aldridge at the final hurdle?

The Fantasy Football Dark Horse:
I’m not biased, I promise, but… This weekend’s dark horse was my Wimbledon side. After being ripped to pieces by Josh Wright in the last edition of our football fantasy feature, Wimbledon pulled it out of the bag with a dreamy 50 points. Whilst Josh’s ‘Champ’ side were anything but champions this weekend picking up a measly 36 points.

Yaya Toure’s goal is what got Wimbledon on a decent track this weekend. After playing the wildcard feature in the week and making a total of seven transfers, it seems I have finally adapted to life in the Premier League – albeit a little too late. Manchester City’s win over Swansea brought the side 14 points.

Before the weekend my side were getting further and further away from pack above and it looked like restoring some pride and not coming last was well and truly out of reach. But, this weekend puts the wonderful Wimbledon just one point off eight place with it all to play for.

The only negative is Wimbledon could have lifted themselves off the bottom had they chosen a better captain and swapped Agüero for Diego Costa.

You’re Fired: 
Lord Alan wouldn’t have been happy with the way ‘The Celine Dioners’ have crumbled under pressure in the last few weeks after a good start. Sunny’s side are now just one point off the bottom and close to being embarrassed by the rest of the sports team.

A poor weekend all round for The Celine Dioners men meant they picked up only 33 points, with ‘keeper Courtois and his fellow Chelsea teammate Fàbregas gaining more than 5 points. It was a poor weekend for his front two as neither Naismith or Welbeck scored and his back five leaked goals here, there and everywhere.

As we go into our penultimate week, who will win the WNOL Sport title? And who will be the brunt off all the jokes in last place?

Join in the fun at games on the Fantasy Football website.

Picture credits: Fantasy football

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